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Who we are?

KROMET Sp. z o.o. was established in 1993 based on a manufacturing department of ABB Zamech Ltd.

The company core services are grouped in two Manufacturing Departments :

  • Machining Department
  • Welding department

   Our core business is manufacturing of products made of structural steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. We manufacture fabricated structures for all industries.

Infrastructure of The Company Includes

  • Workshop total volume – 10 300 m2+ 30 000 m2(A10 and A4 buildings)
  • Workshop area - 8 000 m2
  • Lifting capacity, overhead travelling cranes 16 - 100 T
  • Heat treatment furnace, dimensions 10 000 x 6 000 x 4 000 (mm)
  • Hydraulic press 400 T
  • Rollers for plates
  • Welding shop
  • Machining shop (lathes, milling machines, grinders, etc.)

Welding department

Welding department fabricates the following machinery parts :

  • large industrial gear casings
  • industrial fabricated assemblies
  • pressure vessels
  • pipework
  • components of power generation turbines (casings, shields, diaphragms)
  • transport skids

Our welders are certified to EN 287-1/EN ISO 9606-1 by the following certification bodies: ABS, LR,

Machining Department

Our machining facilities include:

  • Conventional lathes – D max 1600mm, L max 4000mm
  • CNC lathes – D max 800mm, L max 2000mm
  • Conventional milling machines – h max 400mm, L max 1400mm
  • CNC milling machines – h max 400mm, L max 800mm
  • Shaft grinding machines – D max 1600mm, L max 4000mm
  • Hole grinders – D max 500mm, L max 400mm
  • Surface grinders – 300x1000
  • Radial drilling machines – 1000x1000x800
  • Spark erosion machine
  • Boring machine
  • Slotting machine – travel height 350mm

The tasks of the organizational units

Engineering Department– provides manufacturing process description and methods and monitors the external documentation based on which the Company manufactures products. Moreover Engineering reviews and helps prepare offers to customers and develops manufacturing process instructions.

Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory– is involved in the manufacturing process, ensuring the required quality of products and services. The laboratory is approved by PRS, BV and UDT to carry out Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Examination, Dye Penetrant Testing and Visual Inspections.

Quality Control carries out inspections between operations and final inspections of production processes

Manufacturing Departments : Welding, Medium and Heavy Machining and Light Machining – provide services and products as required by Purchaser Orders.

The other Departments support the manufacturing process.

They trust us

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